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Your vehicle’s brakes play an important role in keeping you and your family safe. And that’s why brake repairs are so critical. Maintaining your braking system in first class order is the smart (and safe) thing to do!

Your braking system is made up of different parts and almost the most important of these are the brake pads.

Brake pads sit inside your brake calipers and clamp down onto the rotors, acting as a source of friction and providing you with stopping power.

Here at Coastwide Service Centre we use the latest electronic brake lathe machine from Pro Cut for brake discs with no run out, every time for 100% perfect brakes.



Brake Repairs Gold Coast – What You Need To Know

How do I know when my brakes need replacing?

(Warning signs that you need new brakes)

  • You hear a squealing noise or a grinding sound when the brakes are applied
  • You seem to be pressing harder on the brake to get the vehicle to stop
  • Your car pulls to one side when you brake
  • A vibrating steering wheel or a pulsating brake pedal may be a sign you need to have your brakes inspected.
  • Warning light on your dashboard or the ABS light comes on.

What happens when brake pads wear out?

When totally worn out the brake pads will grind and damage the disc rotor which will cost you more then just replacing the brake pads and carrying out a disc machine.

Are worn brake pads dangerous?

Yes, worn brake pads can be extremely dangerous. They are the most crucial part of any vehicle and having worn non-operational brakes and causing an accident is actually the liability of the car owner and can cause insurance and other issues with accidents.

Do all four brakes have to be replaced?

No not all 4 brakes need to be replaced if it is not needed.

How long will you need my car for?

As we keep most common brakes in stock at all times we can generally have you back on the road within a couple of hours sometimes less.

How much does it cost?

Cost varies from one car to another so it is always best to give us a call so we can quote. Most of the time we will be the most competitive while still supplying top quality parts due to our buying power and keeping stock in store.

Can you do this at my home of office? 

We can perform all brake repairs at the workshop and the majority of repairs can be carried out by our mobile units virtually anywhere that suits you.

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