Common Motor Mechanic Rip Offs To Avoid

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How To Know If Your Auto Mechanic Is Ripping You Off

If you own a car you have probably visited the car repair/service shop. While you can do basic repairs at home, you are ill equipped to handle some of the intricate repairs and you will require a mechanic for such. While our motor mechanics are outstanding citizens and professionals, some mechanics and some dealerships are dishonest. It is important to protect yourself from overpaying for repairs and parts you don’t actually need.

Here are 5 signs that your auto mechanic is ripping you off:

1.    Scare Tactics

A dishonest mechanics who senses that you are doubtful about following his suggestions may try using scare you into accepting them. You should be wary of mechanics that over-exaggerate, especially those that hint that your vehicle cannot be safely driven until it is fixed. You shouldn’t fall for this tactic since a serious professional would tell you in a professional way if your vehicle has serious problems.

2.    Vague Explanations

A good mechanic should be capable of identifying the issues with your vehicle and explain them to you clearly. If you are unsure about any part of the mechanic’s explanation, you should ask for clarification in layman terms. It is usually a bad sign when the mechanic is unable to explain the repairs or keeps using technical language. Constant vague or bad explanation could be a sign that the mechanic is either hiding something from you or he is not skilled enough.

3.    Failure to Provide Old Parts

It is always advisable to ask to see the old parts whenever you get replacements or repairs. It assures you that the parts were actually replaced and the mechanic can show you where the problems lie. It is very suspicious if a mechanic is unable to show the old parts. It could be that the mechanic lied about the part’s condition or he didn’t actually replace it, but simply billed you for nothing. If you have doubts about the mechanic’s recommendation, you can ask for the old parts to test his honesty.

4.    Impossibly Amazing Deals

Mechanics are looking to make profits like everybody else and they have to charge a certain amount to keep their business running. Mechanics that keep offering ridiculously low prices but promise brand-name products should be viewed with suspicion. Dishonest mechanics may offer replacement parts at incredibly low prices just to lure you in and when they start replacing, they start ‘diagnosing’ other ‘issues’ with costlier parts to convince you to get expensive repairs you don’t actually need. If you see a outrageously good bargain, be on your guard since businesses don’t offer services at a loss unless the plan is to make the money back using other strategies.

5.    Mismatch with the Owner’s Manual

Car owners often ignore or forget to consult the owner’s manual. However, even just skimming it can provide a lot of useful information you can use to protect yourself from dishonest mechanics. The owner’s manual tells you how often you need to service your vehicle and when various parts should be changed. If the mechanic proposes servicing and/or replacements sooner than recommended in the manual, he might be trying to make a quick buck.

The Bottom Line

The world today is full of scams and the auto repair industry has not been left behind. While this article has looked at 5 signs that your car mechanic is ripping you off, you shouldn’t feel that all mechanics are dishonest.

The vast majority of car mechanics are ethical and love being of service to you. They will explain all the services they plan to render and seek your approval before they start. If you establish a good working relationship with a mechanic, the trust created will make repairing/servicing your vehicle much easier.

At Coastwide Mobile Roadworthys & Air Conditioning we will always be honest with you. We have a workshop in Molendinar but if that is not convenient for you, one of our mobile vehicle servicing units can call on you at home or at the office at a time that is convenient for you.