Diesel Engine Cleaning Gold Coast

You may need our diesel engine cleaning service if your diesel is experiencing the following issues?

  • Low power
  • Turbo not working properly
  • Blowing lots of smoke
  • Engine lights on the dash
  • Limp mode

Time to give us a call and get your diesel engine performing again.

What you can expect after Coastwide Service Centre has cleaned your diesel engine intake;

  • More torque
  • More power
  • Better fuel economy
  • Reduced turbo lag faster turbo spool up
  • Smoother quieter performing engine, better towing performance and most of all reliability.

Diesel Engine Cleaning Gold Coast

Intake & Soot Cleaning, Decarbonisation

Injector Cleaning Before and AfterThe #1 killer of a modern diesel engines power and fuel economy is a blocked intake, and this is where an intake clean is needed.

If you have more than 50,000 kms on your diesel engine, then it’s time for a intake clean.

Some vehicles don’t build up as much carbon sludge as others – it’s all in the design of the emissions control systems. However, every vehicle with a common rail diesel engine will have some sort of carbon soot build up in the engine and this is the number one killer of reducing power and fuel economy.

Why does this happen?

It all comes down to trying to control the harmful emissions from vehicles hurting the environment.

Manufacturers have installed such devices as EGR Valves which return burnt exhaust gas from the engine back into the intake of the engine to be mixed with the clean air and burnt again. Which is great in principal, however they also return an oil vapour from the engine ventilation system into the intake and this mixes with the EGR gases and creates the sludge, carbon, soot build up in the engine intake system.

When this is really bad such as at 200,000 kms we find that not only is the intake manifold very badly blocked but the cylinder head ports and valves are coated in this terrible stuff.

What will happen if I don’t do an intake clean on my engine?

Blocked Intake Cleaning Inevitably your engine will reduce in power and start using heaps of fuel until it has a failure. Two possibilities here; either it will cost you thousands to fix or the vehicle is off to the scrappers.

We all know the stories of an old Landcruiser doing 1million kms on the same engine and yes I can testament to that being Toyota trained myself and I have seen plenty with serious kms on the clock.

However, this is a different design engine before emission controls and this is no longer something that can be achieved from a modern engine.

We see all too often CRD (Common Rail Direct Fuel Injection) engines which are blown up at 250,000 kms and they had regular servicing.

How could this be possible if it was serviced well?

They may have been serviced but not serviced properly by a diesel expert who knows what to look for and also has the machinery to repair these faults that slowly build up.

Why doesn’t my mechanic do this and why haven’t they told me about this?

Dirty Diesel Injector Cleaning

Your mechanic may or may not be aware of the issues related to new CRD engines.

Either way, almost 95% of mechanical workshops don’t have the equipment and training to carry out such work on these engines and yes that most certainly includes all dealers.

We regularly get vehicles come straight from the dealer which can’t be fixed and we can diagnose and repair them with our specialty equipment and knowledge.

Symptoms of a Poorly Running Diesel Engine.

  • Engine feels sluggish
  • Blowing excessive black smoke
  • Poor or reduced fuel economy
  • Performance and drivability is lacking
  • Turbo lag is getting worse
  • Rattly/noisey engine
  • Engine lights coming on
  • Limp mode

If you’re experiencing any issues or are in need of some information relating to intake cleaning then give us a call and we can run through any questions you may have and any quotes related to any of our cleans.

Call us on 07 5527 8698 or fill in the form on our contact page.

Injector Cleaning

Dirty Diesel Injector Cleaning

A diesel engine in all aspects is a fantastic design, however it all revolves around the diesel being injected into the engine. This alone has many variables such a spray patterns, angles, positioning of the injectors and many other aspects. Once these injectors start to block up even the slightest bit they will start to not perform at 100% and this will cause issues such as:

  • Blowing excessive smoke
  • Rattling knocking noise
  • Poor performance
  • Poor fuel economy
  • Start issues
  • Rough running

The diesel we have available in Australia is of poor quality unfortunately and this means that our vehicles fuel system is suffering long term due to this. With being the most important part of the diesel engines system it is important to have it running spot on. A slow build up in the fuel system of a diesel will cause a slow ramp off on the performance and fuel economy of the engine, this is when you need to carry out some maintenance on the system.

We can carry out injector cleaning and fuel system cleaning on almost all systems and see outstanding results.