Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Cleaning Gold Coast

DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) CLEANING

Have you been told you need a new Diesel Particulate Filter by the dealer or a workshop or do you have a DPF issue that someone can’t fix for you?

We have the alternative answer for replacing an average of  $6,000+Diesel Particulate Filter

We can clean yourDiesel Particulate Filter for you and we will also diagnose why the DPF is blocked so to prevent it happening again prematurely.

Diesel Particulate FilterA DPF (diesel particulate filter) is designed to remove diesel particulate matter or soot from the exhaust gas of a diesel engine and to reduce the harmful emissions from damaging our environment.

It’s a great system when its functioning properly and effectively.

When its not it can be very annoying for any car owner with problems such as:

  • Engine lights coming on
  • Mass of smoke coming out while driving
  • Very smelly exhaust
  • Very low power
  • Limp mode
  • Very slow revving engine

As with any filter, its job is to “filter” what’s running through it, and your DPF needs to be cleaned regularly to ensure your vehicle performs at its best. TheDiesel Particulate Filter clean will do wonders for your diesel’s efficiency and its overall performance just like changing your oil filter or cleaning your air filter the DPF is no different.

Your DPF should be cleaned every 100,000 kms

  • Avoid out of pocket maintenance costs and extend filter life – Regular cleaning helps extend the life of your filter as excessive soot and ash collected in the DPF can damage it.
  • Improve fuel economy
  • Improve power and performance
  • Help improve the environment every little bit helps

DPF Before & After

You may be having a Diesel Particulate Filter issue due to the lack of driving out on open roads which as a car owner this should not be a prerequisite, we should be able to drop the kids off at school go to the shops and home etc however these short stop start trips are a DPFs worst nightmare and will not give the car the opportunity to give the DPF a clean while driving.

You may also have aDiesel Particulate Filter issue that is caused by other things not running properly and in a lot of cases due to the incorrect oil being used in the engine, again how is this so, surely this isn’t the case. Unfortunately this is a great cause of DPF issue we see coming through our workshop as a lot of workshops do not understand the importance of using the correct oil for a vehicles application.

The DPF cleaning process removes all the fine particles that have built up internally inside the filter, after cleaning the filter it is rinsed of the remaining chemicals and tested for correct operation, if there is any other associated issues we will rectify those before refitting the cleaned DPF and once complete we will test and then reset all associated engine adaptations so that the engine is performing properly and using the correct amount of fuel.


Can I remove the DPF totally?

No you can’t the DPF can be removed and a custom dyno tune can be put in place to trick the computer however this will only lead to long term engine failure, it is also highly illegal with massive fines, will render your insurance void and it damages the environment. Most importantly the cost of removing and tuning is more expensive then cleaning and maintain the DPF system.

Does the type or brand of diesel I use cause a problem?

No the type of diesel will not affect the DPF, unfortunately our diesel is Australia is of a very poor standard and it isn’t helping our CRD engines but we don’t have much choice so all we can do is maintain the diesel engine by the experts and you wont have any issues.

My DPF is having an issue should I drive it down the highway for a few hours to clean it out or get the workshop to force the system to regenerate?

No this will not fix the issue it may put a band aid on it for a few weeks however it will not fix your issue you will need expert help.

What is the cost of cleaning a DPF?

The cost associated with cleaning a DPF has variables as some vehicles take longer to remove from the vehicle then the next. We also diagnose the vehicle to make sure there are no other issues causing the DPF to be blocked. It is very inexpensive in relation to replacing the DPF in one case less the 10% the cost of a new item.

If you have any questions relating to DPF cleaning or any other diesel engine cleans or services please give us a call to discuss any questions and quoting.