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brand new brakes after your free brake inspectionMake sure your car is safe.

Do your brakes not feel right?
What’s the condition of your brakes?

5 Symptoms That There Might be Something Wrong With Your Brakes:

  1. Brake pedal is going down further then normal or may feel spongy when you apply the brakes.
  2. The brake warning light or ABS light on your dash comes on when driving.
  3. You may be able to hear a squealing noise or possible a grinding noise when you apply the brake pedal.
  4. You may feel a pulsating feeling through the brake pedal or even feel the steering wheel shake when hard braking especially from higher speeds.
  5. Your car may pull or steer too one side when you brake.

These are the most common problems that people experience with their brakes and if you feel any of these symptoms or anything else that makes you feel your brakes are not working properly then bring it down for a FREE Brake inspection to make sure your car is safe.





At Coastwide Service Centre we have the latest brake disc machine that can machine your brake discs to a perfect surface with no runout every time.

We have an extensive range of hundreds of brake pads in stock for most cars so we can get your car back on the road quickly and at a great price, you wont need to book your car in for a whole day like most workshops as we have all the equipment and parts ready to go.

We service a lot of the workshops in our local area due to the equipment and stock we have on hand and our mobile technicians can repair your brakes at home or work if that is more convenient for you as well.

Our technicians are highly skilled and have extensive experience with all kinds of brake systems so we have you covered and your vehicle will be in good hands.

 These days cars run so well that we have seen a trend of people going over on the servicing of their cars. However, this begs the question of what the condition of the vehicles brakes are in.

We see all to often the cars being overdue for service come in with metal to metal brakes, unfortunately this means they are totally worn out and in most cases the disc cannot be machined and will require replacing which in turn costs more. This is another reason why you should book your car in for a FREE Brake inspection to make sure your brakes are in good condition and don’t end up costing more then it should by damaging other parts.

What’s Covered in a Free Brake Inspection?

  • We check your hydraulic system for leaks and wear as well as fluid condition.
  • Check your front and rear brake systems as well as all the brake lines and hoses.
  • Depending on the vehicle we will run a diagnostic scan on the brake system and the ABS.

Why Would We Do This For Free?

It’s because we feel very passionate about the safety of motorists and unfortunately like most people all of the coastwide team know someone who has passed away due to a car accident and if we can keep our fellow motorists, ourselves and family safe then that’s something we feel we can do for free.

Call Coastwide Service Centre today on 07 5527 8698 or 0430 460 267 to make a booking for your free brake inspection.