Log Book Servicing Gold Coast

log book servicing

When you buy a new vehicle, it comes with its specific manufacturer’s Log book. This book is a guide to the vehicle’s recommended service procedures, intervals, and areas to be inspected. It outlines the things that should be inspected, replaced or serviced on the vehicle, when they should and how often they should – as per the people who built the vehicle.

Log Book Servicing Gold Coast

With that being said, log book servicing is the process of conducting a thorough car examination and making minor to major timely repairs after set periods of time (varies with manufacturers). This servicing is done by strictly adhering to the instructions outlined in the vehicle’s logbook and is designed in such a way that any repairs or checks adhere to the directives provided by the vehicle’s manufacturers. That means that the repair, replacements, and part checking services are performed in a way that’s instructed and approved by the manufacturer.

Log book servicing includes various repairs and safety checks including:

  • Checking the vehicle’s fluid levels (especially bonnet fluids and engine oils)
  • Running digital battery examination
  • Checking the state of different parts of the vehicle like fan belts, radiators, suspension, lights, steering, brakes, fuel pipes, etc.
  • Examining, and if need be, replacing engine oil filters and such among other things

By following the guidelines provided for in your vehicle’s log book, you make sure that your car is maintained in its safest, most reliable state. It also means that your car will stay at its peak performance state, making it possible for you to avoid unexpected, rather nasty repairs or breakdowns while at the same time extending its lifespan.

Adhering to your vehicle’s log book servicing schedule will also help maintain the resale value of your vehicle in the event you want to sell it. Your logbook will become your buyer’s peace of mind, and they will be happy and willing to pay a good price for it since they know (and have proof) that the car has been well maintained in accordance with the standards recommended by the manufacturer.

However, it is important that log book servicing is performed by either an authorised dealer or licensed independent mechanic; someone who can stamp your logbook and safeguard the vehicle’s warranty. This is important since there are specific pages in a logbook that must be stamped or signed after each servicing. They serve as proof that the vehicle has been checked and is running as it should.

It is not a must to have your vehicle log book serviced at authorised servicing shops only. You can also have it serviced at independent servicing shops. Just make sure that the people who are servicing your vehicle have the necessary licensing and certification, and that they have the qualifications, expertise, and experience to service your specific vehicle model and type.

However, to ensure your car’s warranty is protected, it is important that the independent servicing shop or mechanic strictly adheres to the set guidelines when it comes to servicing your vehicle. That includes using fluids and lubricants that meet manufacturer’s specifications and quality spare parts from trusted suppliers. It is important that they conduct the service in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions to avoid making the warranty void.

We have already seen some of the benefits log book servicing has on your vehicle. While it not only improves your vehicle’s resale value, maintaining your car by strictly adhering to the guidelines provided by the manufacturer means that it enjoys excellent functionality and health. At the same time, timely and proper logbook servicing ensures that your claims against the manufacturer’s warranty get awarded when the time comes.

If you are considering log book servicing your vehicle, then take the time to consider the options you have. You may opt to come to our mechanical workshop or we can come to you wherever you are. The choice is yours to make. But to have an easier time choosing the best option, consider getting quotes from both independent service providers and authorised ones and explore all your options before settling for one.